Energy Saving A/C Tips for Summer

Energy Saving A/C Tips for Summer

Dayco Air Conditioning

The hot summer months are fast approaching, and with it the A/C season. At Dayco Heating and Air Conditioning we strive to make those summer months as comfortable, efficient, and safe for our customers as possible. Here are four easy tips to save energy (and money!) this summer:

Utilize Natural Ventilation

Turning off your cooling system at night and sleeping with the windows open can be an effective way to cool your house while you sleep. In the morning close up the windows to keep cool air in and turn your cooling system on.

Use Fans

Although fans cool people, not rooms, the wind chill factor can make a warmer than usual room feel comfortable.  Utilize the ceiling fan in the room you are in, or use portable fans to keep cool.

Be Afraid to Adjust the Thermostat

Don’t tweak your thermostat. It makes the system work harder to get the temperature back down when you get home, which is usually during the hottest time of the day. Let the house stay at a more consistent temperature because that’s how the systems are designed. It’s like running on cruise control.

Have an Up-To-Date System

An A/C unit that doesn’t work properly will cost you money as well as comfort. Call us today to speak to a customer service representative that can get you set up with maintenance on your unit, replacing an outdated A/C unit, or a new installation. We offer three different maintenance plans for an affordable rate that will keep your heating and cooling systems running safely and efficiently.