Dayco Heating and Air Conditioning Service Plans

Dayco Heating and Air Conditioning Service Plans

We all know how expensive repairing or replacing heating and air conditioning units can get. The expense is not only financial, but time, comfort, and health are all affected by a broken or poorly running unit. Such an integral part of your home (or business) life should be properly maintained. However, just the simple task of changing the air filter can prove complicated. At Dayco Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of fully functional heating and cooling units in day to day life, and offer several maintenance plans to keep everything running smoothly. We already introduced the first of our maintenance plans on the blog: the Green Shield Protection Plan. The Green Shield is our most basic plan that you can check out here. This post will highlight our two other maintenance plans, the Dayco Priority Service Plans. In short, these plans offer everything the Green Shield Plan does, and then some!

We bring the same expertise we have on site to your home with the maintenance plans. Our system is very thorough and makes sure to inspect all elements of the units. You can expect us to clean and adjust burner and ignition assemblies as well as cleaning and adjusting blower components. We thoroughly inspect every part of the system, including the heat exchanger or elements. The B-vents are inspected for rusting, and the refrigerant pressure by sub cool and super heat are monitored. The system is not just examined, but tested as well.

Your Dayco Team Member puts in new air filters, and cleans and adjusts the blower components. When the electrical connections are tightened, the volts/amps are measured. All oil-able parts to the unit are lubricated. The thermostat is checked thoroughly for calibration. Evaporator coils and condensate drains need to be cleaned, and temperature difference measured. With the priority plans, we do all of this with NO LABOR CHARGE, and no overtime. We promise that you will receive the royal treatment, and priority customer status always. The no overtime charge includes no emergency overtime, and 24 hour emergency service. For just 35-38$ a month (depending on the plan you select) you will receive two maintenance schedules per year, and we will remind you with a call or a card in the mail about an upcoming appointment or need to schedule. Our technicians are trained to catch any problems before they become “real big problems”. A well maintained unit will last longer and always be at maximum efficiency, providing a healthy and comfortable home or business environment. If you’ve met us, you know we are committed to providing excellent service to all our customers. Our maintenance plans are one of the ways that we do that best. Our passion is not just to get our customers set up with the best quality heating and air conditioning units, but to aid in creating a healthy and well functioning work or

home space. Call us today, we’d love to hear from you and get you set up on a maintenance plan to keep your home or business running smoothly!

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