4 Ways to Get Cleaner Air in your Home

4 Ways to Get Cleaner Air in your Home


You don’t have to be an allergy sufferer to be affected by poor air quality in your home. Right now it is especially important to maintain good indoor air quality because of the smoke from the summer fires. At Dayco, we value the health of our clients, so wanted to bring you this timely and easy guide to getting cleaner air in your home.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality can have immediate health effects like irritation of eyes, nose, and throat along with dizziness and fatigue that are all short term and treatable. Poor indoor air quality can also have long term effects that don’t manifest themselves until years later such as lung and heart disease. The great news is, indoor air quality is something we can control! And our team at Dayco Heating and Cooling is passionate not only about helping our customers have comfortable and efficient homes, but also healthy ones. Here are four ways to increase indoor air quality and have cleaner air in your home:

1. Maintain Your HVAC Systems

A poorly working Heating or Air Conditioning unit in your home could be a culprit for poor indoor air quality. Properly running units as well as properly maintained could make all the difference for a healthier home! At Dayco, we can not only set you up with the best Heating and Air Conditioning units for your home, but we can also maintain them with one of our protection plans.

2. High Quality Filtration

When was the last time you changed your HVAC air filter? What grade did you use? Often we see air filters that needed to be changed months (or maybe years) before, or ones that were not the best grade for the home environment. Air filters can be one of those tasks on the never ending to do list, but they don’t have to be!

A high quality home air filter can make a huge difference in increasing indoor air quality. You can stop by or call and talk with one of our technicians today to find what air filter would work best for you, how often to change it, or even learn about our maintenance plans (part of our maintenance is replacing air filters free!). We also sell Trane whole house air cleaners that drastically improve air quality.

3. Plants

NASA published a now widely referred to study on plants in the home and indoor air quality. It was found that plants can remove indoor air pollutants released by the furniture we use, pollutants brought into the house, and from other factors (paint, lacquers, adhesives, cleaning products, grocery bags, and many others) . Some of the chemicals studied that plants purified from indoor air were formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene. Head out and get yourself a Gerbera Daisy or a Peace Lilly and start purifying the air in your home!

4. Cleaning rituals

Certain habits can make an important and lasting difference in air quality for your home. One easy habit is not wearing shoes inside the house. Keeping carpets vacuumed and floors swept regularly is a big help, along with cleaning window sills and opening windows for fresh air occasionally.  Little things can add up quickly to cleaner air and a healthier home!

If the poor air quality from the summer fires is affecting you or your family, we want to help! A better air filter for your HVAC or a whole house air cleaner may be that extra oomph you need to get through this season. Give us a call (509.586.9464) or stop by today!