Product Videos

We want to provide you with enough information about the products we sell, the service we provide and a little know about us as a company.

The Dayco Story

We train our technicians and installers to work according to The Dayco Way. All of our installers and techs do the job the same way every time. So all of our techs can work on all of our jobs. Watch video.

Stop Allergies with CleanEffects Air Cleaner

If you suffer from allergies, then you would love the CleanEffects air cleaner. It catches 99.98% of dust, pollens and pet dander in your home. Watch video and see how it works. Give us a call at (509) 586-9464 for details.

Trane / Nexia Home Intelligence Overview

An overview of Nexia Home Intelligence, a home automation system that lets you monitor and control your home from anywhere. Watch this video to learn more.

How to Clean your CleanEffects

If you have the CleanEffects air cleaner, here are some tips on how to clean it.

Trane TruComfort Puts Your Comfort on Cruise Control

Trane TruComfort variable speed systems provide the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. Instead of cycling on and off at full capacity like conventional systems, Trane TruComfort systems run at the lowest speed needed for the current weather conditions, helping homeowners save energy and money. See how it works!

Dayco provides Commercial Building Comfort with Trane

Dayco Heating, Air, & Electrical is your Trane Comfort Specialist providing the highest quality Trane heating and air commercial systems. We care about your office comfort while saving on your utility bills.

Fun Trane Videos - It's Hard To Stop a Trane

Check Out the Durability of Trane Systems "It's Hard to Stop a Trane"

Back Hoe Fell on A Trane - Still Going

Oldest Trane System Almost 50 Years Old

Building Fell on a Trane Unit

A Flood in Oklahoma Couldn't Stop a Trane