Trane Hyperion Air Handlers

Hyperion air handlers are built with air quality in mind. The inside cabinet is similar to your refrigerator lined in a high density plastic for easy cleaning. The fan and coil components are on slide out drawers similar to your vegetable crisper. The doors are sealed to prevent dust from entering. The indoor coil is accessible for cleaning and the fan motor plugs in with easy removal for cleaning.

XB TEM3 Air Handler

The XB line of air handlers combines affordability and flexibility to work with the complete range of Trane heating and cooling products. So you get the reliability of Trane and the options to work within your specific system and budget.

GAM 5 High Static Air Handler

High static air handlers are designed for home with under-sized duct systems.

TAM 8 Air Handler

The TAM 8 (Hyperion XL) is a variable speed are the best air handlers for comfort and efficiency. They are the best at removing excess humidity and tied in with Trane CleanEffects can keep the air clean and fresh in your home all year long.

The TAM 8 air handler will also get the most efficiency out of your outdoor unit by adjusting to the air volume that is required to send the heated or cooled air through the house.

TAM 7 Air Handler

This TAM 7 (Hyperion XR) Is similar to the TAM 8. It circulates better air; it’s constructed more like a refrigerator, with insulation between the double walls of the uniquely designed cabinet.